How do I care for the Grand orchid pot?

Your grand orchid pot likes to be in a bright room, but NOT in direct sunlight. Orchids do not like a lot of water. Every ten days place 2-3 ice cubes as close to the base of each plant as possible (most Grand pots have about 8 plants so you'll need between 16 and 24 cubes). On the same day, take a spritzing water bottle and spray each succulent with 3 or 4 spritzes of water! Voila! That is all! 

*Stay tuned for a video tutorial on caring for your orchid pot!

Why do you suggest watering with ice cubes?

Most people damage their orchids by overwatering! By placing ice cubes we give our flowers a slow drip of water as the cubes melt while ensuring they don't get too saturated.  That said, if you are an orchid pro, by all means, do what has worked for you in the past! Truthfully, we have found the best thing to do for our Grand Orchid Pots is to leave them alone and enjoy their luxuriant beauty!